New Legacy Women (formerly The Mother Within) is a community space that honors the heart filled and challenging journeys of women who wanted to have children, and are not parents, by circumstance. New Legacy Women (NLW) also facilitates virtual and online, parent-free discussions and programs for our community, and advocates for courses and training spaces exclusively for women without children.

The New Legacy Women's Community is a space to acknowledge and respect our diverse backgrounds and intersectional experiences, and to celebrate our accomplishments and contributions. As a community, we are in a unique position to make new choices, beyond prescribed social and cultural paradigms and presumed definitions of family, the roles of women and the meaning of legacy. 
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New Legacy Women's Network is a global professional & referral network created exclusively for our community. The network is intended as an opportunity to recognize and prioritize our community of practitioners and entrepreneurs, and businesses owned and operated by women who are not parents. It is also a place to identify and refer service providers, businesses, and professional environments, which are intentionally inclusive of and uphold equitable policies and treatment toward women without children.
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New Legacy Women's Fund
will support needs based research specific to our community, and expanding access to necessary services and care, for women without children, in need. Women who are not parents are often deprived of services they are qualified to receive, based on a "families first" prioritization, and do not always have the presumed support of extended family, when in crisis. Our specific needs often remain unmet and overlooked, in terms of access to safe shelter, legal aid, mental health and long term trauma recovery services. The Fund is our commitment to supporting the well being, connection and care of our community.
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