The NEW LEGACY WOMEN'S NETWORK FOR CHANGE, our online community will provide the opportunity to connect and express our experiences within organizations and our places of work, as well as in the medical and retail industries, among others.

Through the institute, NLW will respond directly in support of the rights of women without children in the workplace and other social and public spaces in which we experience inequitable access, benefits and treatment.

The network also aims to provide learning opportunities for our community that offer parent-free environments to connect on matters of interest and learning areas that most impact our lives.

So often group spaces intended for connection or learning around a specific topic or issue tend to get diverted into parenting conversations or topics which not only impact our experiences,, they are not always relevant to the subject matter, yet require facilitator time and resources  diverted toward these conversations, which may be better served elsewhere.

New Legacy Women (formerly The Mother Within) is transforming its vision and mission around serving women who are not parents, and in particular those who do not have children due to circumstance, and not by choi
New Legacy Women