is being created to research, better understand and create awareness around, and support the unmet socio-economic needs of women without children.

Culturally and statistically, support for women's basic needs such as access to safe housing, and other services for those in need, including legal aid, mental health care, and therapeutic services for trauma survivors, among others, operates on a "families (with children) first" agenda.  This results in unmet needs specific to our community, and limits access to critical services, presumably available to all in need, regardless of parental status.

As one current example in the US, according to the 2017 DC Women’s Needs Assessment Report, “Three out of four women in the District who are homeless and living without children are survivors of violence, according to a new report by the D.C. Interagency Council on Homelessness.” The 2017 Point-in-Time Count, an annual census of homeless people in the District, found 882 homeless women who were living alone, just over 40 percent of all women, and a quarter of all so-called unaccompanied homeless people. “Because their numbers are small in comparison with the numbers of families or single men, service providers say the specific needs of these unaccompanied women can be overlooked.”

The fund will also provide critical support and community care and connection for those aging without children, who do not have a support network.

Once the fund is formally established, it will be housed in its own online space.

Proceeds from NLW services will support the initial costs of setting up the fund. If you would like to directly sponsor this initiative or contribute your professional skills towards its full establishment, please contact us directly at [email protected] or call us at +1.707.385.1255

new Legacy Women's Fund