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Online and in person community forums and groups intended for specific education & training, are easily dominated by conversations of parenthood.

Often the attention of instructors and moderators is inequitably taken by parenting issues, and online discussions are filled with inappropriate, irrelevant, and insensitive posts about parenting and children, regardless of the intent or make-up of the group.

A lack of awareness and inclusion around the needs and preferences of women, who are not parents, remains an acceptable and predominant practice in social, educational and professional spaces, regardless of the focus of the course, event or business.

NLW support our own space for community conversations to connect about everyday and in-depth issues, from our own perspectives, in a parent-free space, and will also encourage the creation of programs and training exclusively for our community.
Stay tuned for our 2019 courses & retreats.

      Writing the Edges of Life
       This is a 3-part writing exploration, experienced among    
        compassionate witnesses, in community.

               *Naming your journey
               *Remembrance & Ritual
               *Navigating Identity & Legacy

Virtual courses and in person experiences will be offered. If interested, please let us know! [email protected]



         Customized Personal Retreat

         Unimagined Journeys~Reimagined Lives Workshop

Whether you are seeking personal or professional support, you have access to compassionate guidance.

You are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding individual or group work, to see how we might best work together.

If you have any questions, please email NLW!
Christine Erickson is the founder of New Legacy Women. Individual sessions and programs will be facilitated by Christine and her team.

Christine is the owner of  One Legacy Coaching LLC, and facilitates leadership development and transformative learning, as a coach and equine guided educator. 
She has lived and worked in multiple countries and across cultures. 

Christine is committed to the voice of women without children, and to sharing our courageous journeys.  She shares insight from her observations and experiences, in her book,  The Mother Within: A Guide to Accepting Your Childless Journey.