Virtual Classes

2018 COnversation series


Living the Shared Journey is a complimentary annual offering for women who are childless by circumstance. Through our shared conversations, we will delve into our experiences as they relate to our own journeys, our relationships with others, and the larger social world and environments in which we live.  

Our conversations will be guided by (and not limited to) the reflective questions at the end of each chapter of The Mother Within: A Guide to Accepting Your Childless Life, and will be facilitated by the author. 

The annual Conversations Series will be held quarterly, starting in March. This series is an opportunity to connect with each other around meaningful matters of the heart. These conversations are held in a virtual circle that creates a safe, non-judgmental space to compassionately witness, and be witnessed, as we share our unique experiences and meet at familiar crossroads.

All calls are complimentary, and will be faciliated by Christine and on occassion, an invited guest.



You do not have to go it alone on this journey.

If you prefer to have personal support through a private and confidential conversation, please schedule a complimentary, introductory session here.

Virtual sessions are available via telephone and Skype.  If you are ready to connect,  schedule your session here.
Horses are the essence of presence and sensate awareness. Connecting with them reveals the deeper layers of our verbal and non verbal communication, and held energy.

Through somatic awareness, observation and listening, you are invited to an opportunity to shift old wounds, create healthy boundaries, and explore what is next for you while expanding that which brings you ease and joy.

All sessions are currently held in Northern California, or annual retreat locations. Schedule your CA equine session here.



TMW Aligned Living Workshops are designed to learn from reflective spaces in nature, while exploring personal frameworks and beliefs around boundary setting, communication, and relationships. 

The workshops are an opportunity to navigate what is next for your life without children, and embrace the process of acceptance at different life stages.

2018 Workshop dates will be announced as they are confirmed, and additional details will be provided at that time.  If you are interested in participating in a workshop, please let us know!
Wild Heart nature and equine retreats are held in Northern California and  international locations, annually.

Check back for our 2018 dates and additional information, or join our mailing list and receive event announcements.